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Breath slowly. Open your heart and clear your mind. Allow the spirit of a frozen moment become an endless exodus into your own personal discovery; We send a warm welcome then, to all of our friends here at– “SHUTTER-WARRIORS”. We’ve all heard the classic quote, “A picture can speak a thousand words,“ but it is our goal here at “SHUTTER-WARRIORS” for a picture to do much more than just speak. We believe pictures have an opportunity to pass information beyond a language of words. There is much truth in life but then there is much mystery too. It follows then; That a picture should show truth and mystery. Pictures with no spoken words will foster the free-will, rather than inhibiting it. No wonder photographs are so popular! When we look at the flower in a garden it does not tell us to pick it, smell it, appreciate it—hate it. Instead the flower sits on its stage for us to decide what to think about it, what to do with it. Photographs embrace the human spirit itself, a spirit that lives in each of us which begs to be heard, seen, understood, loved.


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